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Spectral domain with SLO (Confocal Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope). The Optos OCT SLO provides quantitative analysis which enables improved monitoring of disease progression or regression. Even the smallest changes can be recorded for more informed diagnosis.

• “Lock and Track” obtains follow-up scans from same location, increasing test reliability, repeatability, and reproducibility
• Microperimetry adds Visual Function Testing to diagnosis of retinal diseases and assesses OCT structural changes compared to retinal visual outcomes
• Six individual radial OCT scans combine with 3D topographic map in single report
• Automatic comparison of topographic maps taken overtime including retinal thickness progression or regression analysis
• Coronal C-scan along with RPE contour
• Layer segmentation with 3D color rendering

Tech Specs for OPTOS OCT SLO


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 Type of Laser:830 nm SLD
 Field of View:29 deg
 Area of Retina Analyzed:fovea, retina, inner/outer retinal layers, RPE, posterior pole, optic nerve, RNFL
 OCT Resolution:transverse <6 μm; transverse 20 μm (tissue)
 A-Scans per Second:variable
 Additional Features:Instrument Dimensions:
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