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Cirrus HD-OCT 4000

Cirrus HD-OCT captures a dense cube of scan data in just 2.4 seconds, providing 2-D and 3-D images, layer segmentation and optical biopsies for assessment of the retinal condition. Fovea Finder™, a ZEISS proprietary algorithm, automatically identifies the fovea and centers the macular thickness analysis. For assessment of the Optic Nerve Head and RNFL, the cube scan enables automatic determination of cup and disc boundaries, even for tilted discs. Precise registration allows identification and evaluation of change in RNFL and Macular thickness. GPA™ evaluates RNFL over time to identify statistically significant change, providing trend analysis and event analysis. Macular change analysis provides qualitative and quantitative side-by-side comparison of retinal exams over time. Cirrus HD-OCT offers Enhanced HD Raster imaging, based on proprietary Selective Pixel Profiling™ technology, to provide exquisite, highly detailed images of the retina. And now Cirrus HD-OCT offers a choice of configuration to best match your practice needs and budget. Cirrus Model 400 uses Live OCT Fundus™ technology to deliver proven Cirrus performance and core diagnostic applications. Both models offer best-in-class data density, diagnostics and ease of use to meet the demands of today’s practice.

Tech Specs for Cirrus HD-OCT 4000

 Company:Carl Zeiss Meditec Inc
 Model:Cirrus HD-OCT 4000

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 Type of Laser:840 nm SLD
 Field of View:36 deg W x 30 deg H
 Area of Retina Analyzed:Macula and retinal layers; segmented RPE and ILM layers; Optic Nerve Head and RNFL.
 OCT Resolution:axial 5 μm (tissue); transverse 15 μm (tissue)
 A-Scans per Second:27,000 A-scans/sec
 Additional Features:Instrument Dimensions:
 Reviews and Recommendations:Editor's Comment - This is a great instrument for general practice or a specialty retina practice. Your technicians will find it easy to use. As a physician, the analysis for glaucoma & retina are thorough. You have numerous options for standard resolution & high resolution retina scans. The normative databases for glaucoma and retina are FDA approved. The model 4000 will be capable of being upgraded to to all forthcoming software enhancements.

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reliable, reproducible, good company....

Jul 03, 2012 by Jay Weiskopf, MD

reliable, reproducible, good company....